Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Poinsettia Coasters

Last fall, I made Christmas themed coasters that turned out to be too small for the large Christmas mugs we like to use.  So this year, I went big!  These felt coasters should work with about any cup and would also look nice under candles.  They're totally machine sewn the way I made them, however, you could also sew the pieces together with a blanket stitch and make them completely hand sewn.

*Green, red, white, and yellow felt
*patterns found here

1.  Using the patterns, for each coaster cut 1 leaf base from green, 1 flower base from red or white, 6 petals from red or white, and 1 center from yellow.  Notice that there is a dot on one of the petals on the leaf base and on the flower base.  Use a pin to mark this petal - you'll be matching them up later on.

2.  Take the flower base and fold it into fourths.  Mark the center with a Sharpie (don't worry - it won't show).

3.  Take one petal.  Pin it onto the base so that the bottom point is on the center dot you made and the top point goes between two of the base petals.  Sew into place as shown.

4.  Repeat with the other five petals.

5.  Pin the center onto the flower where the petals come together.  Sew into place.

6.  Matching the petals on the leaf base and flower base that have a dot, pin the two bases together.  Sew together by sewing along the edge of the petals on the flower base.

7.  Trim the leaf base as needed.

Here are the finished coasters ....

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial! My sister's favorite flower is the poinsettia and I wanted to make her some coasters for Christmas. This is just the ticket! I pinned it, too!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I'm gonna make tons of it for christmas presents. Kisses from Venezuela.

  3. These are so pretty and would make great gifts. Thanks so much!

  4. They would also look good as ornaments on the tree!!

  5. I have been trying to print the pattern for this pointsetta and cannot...... am so frustrated. they are so pretty and my christmas table is pointsetta's I soooo want them. H E L P ! what am I doing wrong

    1. Hi!

      I checked and it's still printing out fine for me, so it's most likely one of the following: 1) make sure you're printing from the print option on the PDF file and not the print option on your browser (some browsers seem to have problems with this with PDF files), 2) make sure your printer is set to "print to actual size" and not "fit" or "fit to paper", and 3) make sure your printer is on either the portrait setting or the automatic setting.

      These are the problems that have come up so far with printing out patterns! Let me know if it still won't print and we'll work something out!