Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Fleece Jammy Bottoms

I've spent the last few days sewing pajama bottoms - lots of them!  Some are for Christmas surprises and some are for little c.  Big C was her nanny last summer and got her hooked on fleece jammy bottoms.  Big C is a very stylish teenager ... however....  she can go for days living in her fleece!   Now that the weather is getting colder in the Northwest, little c needs warmer pajamas.  She got to pick out fleece, I did the sewing!

Using fleece with a plain old pajama bottom pattern is really easy.  When I'm making multiples of something, I like to just stack up the fabric, pin on the pattern, and cut once.  Fleece is little too thick to do that with more than two fabrics, but even cutting two at once saves time.

Since you don't need to hem fleece (in fact, it's better not to - gets too bulky), just fold up the hem allowance at the bottom and cut where the hem line is.  Same thing when you turn down the waistline for the elastic casing - no need to turn the fabric under before you sew.

Just make sure that if you have a one-way patterned fabric, like the Minnie below, that you have both the back and front pattern pieces facing the same way.  Legs both pointing down or legs both pointing up, but not one each way.  If you do, half your pajamas will be facing the wrong way.  I speak from past experience!

I worked assembly line style - I did the same thing on each pajama bottom and then moved on to the next step.  When I work like this, I just pick one color of thread that will go reasonably well with each fabric and stick with it.  For these, I used white.

If you haven't sewn before and want to try these easy bottoms, take a look at this past post where Big C learned to make them.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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