Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Project - Play Kitchen Oven Mitts

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend was wonderful, little c loved her surprise kitchen (I'm sure you figured out what it would be from all the felt food!) .... and with all the photos I took, I forgot to take one of her "cooking."  So here's the big reveal without the chef!  I ended up ordering the Doug and Melissa little kitchen set from Amazon - a very nice, compact set.  You can read more about it here (no, I don't get a kick back).

The last project for the kitchen is a set of toddler/preschooler oven mitts.  On the materials list, you're going to notice I have Insul-Brite listed.  This is an insulating fabric with foil in the middle that is great to use for oven mitts and potholders.  Why am I putting it into play oven mitts?  While toddlers/preschoolers should not ever be using these mitts on anything really hot, the mitts are an adult tool and I have a strong opinion that play versions of adult tools should really work.  Children this age do not have the experience to know that their play tools don't work like the adult ones and they really, really want to be big and do what Mom, Dad, Grandma, whoever is doing.  Supervision, supervision, supervision is the key word here, however, toddlers/preschoolers are very determined (that's why we have pool fences and automatic locking gates in this part of the country) and my feeling is that they should have the protection of a truly working tool if they do manage to get into a situation where they're trying to use it.

*Small amount of fleece
*Small amount of Insul-Brite
*double fold extra wide bias tape (3 1/2 inch wide)
*pattern found here

1.  Cut four of pattern from fleece and four from Insul-Brite.

2.  Pin mitts together by layering one piece of Insul-Brite, one piece of fleece right side up, the other piece of fleece right side down, and the second piece of Insul-Brite.

3.  Sew in a 1/4 inch seam and turn right side out.

4.  Pin wrong side of bias tape to right side of mitt.  Turn ends under.  Sew along fold line.

5.  Fold bias tape down.

6.  Turn mitt inside out enough so that you can fold the bias tape over the edge and pin in place.

7.  Hand sew edge of bias tape in place and turn back to right side out.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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