Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Happy Earth Day!

One of my "best days ever" is to wander through thrift shops and Goodwill stores looking for unusual fabrics, lace, and needlework.  When I find them, they're usually a garment of some type and often in bad enough condition or are so out dated, I would never wear them.  But there's enough there to take apart, mix with other pieces, dye, embellish and turn into something new.  Repurposing!  I haven't shown you much of what I do in that area, but plan to soon.

Not Your DumDum

Type "recycled fashion" into any search engine and you'll come up with loads of designers (some serious, some not so serious) who regularly use discarded  items to create new designs.  Some might call it trash, some might call it inspiration!  Here are a few of my favorites ....

California artist Charlotte Kruk must know a lot of people who have a sweet tooth!  She uses discarded wrappers from candy (and other consumer items) to create fun fashions.  Not Your DumDum is made from Dum Dum wrappers.  If I'd only known what I was throwing away in all that post-Halloween trash when my boys were little!


I love the flirty lines of Bubblicious!  And while these are sculptures, they are wearable sculptures - perfect for being noticed on a night out!  The skirt is made from the outer package wrappers and the bodice from the individual wrappers.

Charlotte is a high school sculpture teacher - how cool would it be to be in her class!  Be sure to take a look at her site - there is SO much more.

I don't think you can actually wear Linda Filley's recycled paper creations (at least not in the rain), but then I'm not sure they're created to be worn.  They are gorgeous, though!  And make me think of the garden parties one sees only on British mini-series - maybe you really see them if you live in England, but I'm sad to say that over here we don't.

Somehow, even though they're made from paper that either was or would've been thrown away, they manage to look delicate and precious.

You can see more of her creations (and keep track of new ones) on PaperTrail's website, the store in Rhinebeck, New York that shows her work.

British designer Gary Harvey actually creates his high couture designs from discarded materials - mostly fabrics, but occasionally he throws in something else.  Like this dress made from discarded newspapers!

Most of his designs fit into the category of "I love to look at these, but where the heck would I ever wear that if I could afford it" category that most high fashion goes into for me.  But it's fun to watch!

And, every once in awhile, something comes along like these dresses from recycled silk scarves that I would really wear.  That is, if I had one and if I had a "that kind of dress" type thing to go to!

Check out his website here and slides of his pieces from the 2010 Green Shows in New York City at Ecouterre's site here.

 And finally, if you're in the San Francisco area, have some extra money, and want to see what other designers can do with the whole repurposing clothing idea, you might want to check out the St. Vincent de Paul Society's annual Discarded to Divine fashion show and display at The Hall at St. Mary's Cathedral each year.  Hundreds of designers and design students submit work and it's always amazing to see the pieces (online for me!).  Go here for ticket information - sit down before you look at the prices.  It is a fund raiser for St. Vincent de Paul, though.

I'm off to Goodwill!  Happy Creating!  Deborah

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