Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Woven and Felted Scarves

I know I live in the wrong place for this, but I love scarves!  We have about two weeks a year when a scarf is nice in the morning or evening, although those of you in northern climates wouldn't think so.  And yet I keep crocheting and dying more scarves - oh, well!

In my "scarf surfing" I've recently found these gorgeous examples that I hope  inspire you as much as they do me.

Sarah Saulson's website is packed with beautiful handwoven scarves and shawls.  I inherited a small loom a few years ago and these make me want to get busy and actually learn how to use it. I love the way colors meld together in good weaving - it's always reminded me of watercolors.

This one uses painted warp (up and down) threads to suggest peacock feathers.

If you're interested in seeing how a handwoven scarf is created (from wool roving to finished scarf), check out Dorothy's Fiber2Fabric blog post here.

Another fiber art technique I want to learn is nuno felting.  Liquid Red by artist Svitlana is a beautiful example of what can be done with the technique.  I love how the fringes work in with the whole idea of the scarf dripping down your shoulders.  This is from the GalleryFifty website.

The process for nuno felting included rolling and agitating a bundle of fibers wrapped in something such as bubble wrap for around an hour (this is actually the much simplified explanation) -  I feel like I should go on a training regimen before I attempt this!

Suzanne Morgan is a Texas artist who does beautiful work in felting.  She teaches classes (her website has a schedule) and also publishes a blog, Learned Lately, that often talks about the techniques she uses.  I don't know how many more scarves I can possible use, but she's inspired me to make one of my goals this year trying nuno felting.

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