Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Sherri Wood's Tattooed Baby Dolls

Tattoo Artist Denise de la Cerda

I've loved Sherri Wood's Tattooed Baby Doll project ever since I first came across the exhibit two or three years ago.  I've used reproductions of the dolls in the classroom as part of a curriculum unit on tattoo art and the kids always loved it!

Tattoo Artist Kate Hellenbrand

While studying embroidery in San Francisco, Sherri became fascinated with the intricate tattoos she saw and noticed similarities between the symbolism and uses of both.  She bought cloth bodied baby dolls at thrift shops and sent them to tattoo artists, who then drew the tattoo designs.  When she got them back, Sherri hand embroidered the designs.  Read more about the project here and Sherri here.

Tattoo Artist Andrea X. Tasha

There are twelve dolls in all, each with a story.  Be sure to check them out in the gallery here.

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