Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Pop Art Quilting

I love fabrics, quilting, and pop art, and so I immediately fell in love with Ai Kijima's quilts the first time I saw her work!  She cuts the images from different fabrics and attaches them to a backing fabric, forming odd combinations of popular and cultural images into art quilts.  The gallery on Ai's website has dozens of images I go back to over and over again  for inspiration.  The quilt to the right is her 2004 work, White Cake Palace.

If you're really into this, there is a good interview with Ai on Pixelsurgeon and a Franklin Parrasch Gallery video gives another view of her work.

If you read Monday's blog, you might be thinking, "Aha!  This is a lot like the fabric appliques we worked on!"  You're right - you know enough to make your own fabric collage.

I'm gathering Asian and pop art motif fabrics to make over a Goodwill jean jacket into an Ai Kijima inspired fabric collage.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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