Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Crochet Art

I am always happy when I have thread/yarn and a crochet hook in hand!  After years of not being totally thrilled with the bulky yarn things I made, I discovered lacy crochet.  Mmmm ... this is what crochet was made for!

I've recently come across the works of two crochet artists that are so inspiring to me - I go back to their images over and over again!  It also helps that they work with two areas that I love - street art and the ocean.

Crystal Gregory inserts crochet into architectural elements creating very interesting and powerful art.  One of my favorites is her Invasive Crochet series where she combines delicate, lacy crochet with razor wire fencing.  I love how she uses the soft, old-fashioned doily crochet work opposing the hard, steeliness of the urban razor wire.  There are so many connotations to this!
Invasive Crochet, Crystal Gregory, 2009.

An English crochet artist, known as Hook and Scumble, sets her freeform crochet sculptural work in the setting it was first inspired by.  The piece below makes me feel as if I've stumbled across several wonderful new species of tidepool creatures.  Hook and Scumble also crochets beautiful forms from gold and sterling silver wire - definitely worth a trip to her sight for inspiration.

Hook and Scumble

So ....  I'm looking at this piece of pineapple lace in a beautiful Malabrigo lace yarn I've been working on  and thinking I could crochet it into a corner of my garden.  An other-worldly spider web?  Hmmm.  It might work!

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