Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Inspiration - Snowdrops

Our snowdrops are blooming!  Even in a winter like we're having this year that's mild with warmer, sunny days interspersed, it's still so heartening to see them pop up!  Spring will come!  For those of you going through a snowier, icier winter, I found some quilting inspiration - it just seemed like it should be quilting to keep us all warm and toasty.

This pillow cover from Textile Dreams would also make a good quilt block.  I like different fabrics that were used for the background - the orange really makes it all stand out!  I could definitely see this as the beginning of a spring flowers quilt that would feel fantastic in those final days of winter.

This design by UK artist Carol Arnold is actually a stained glass window, however wouldn't it look lovely as a tile quilt square?!  I can see the background being batik.  And again, what a perfect beginning to a spring flowers quilt.

Esther Aliu's snowdrop quilt square looks like our snowdrops did last year - popping up amidst snowflakes.  These are applique work - and be sure to look at her website here, there is an appliqued tulip square and tons of other amazing applique work!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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