Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Simple Pendant Necklace Tutorial

Buying artist made pendants is an easy way to build up your jewelry wardrobe and less expensive than buying artist made ready to wear jewelry because you do the work of putting it together yourself.  Today I have an easy way to make those pendants into necklaces!

Besides a pendant, you'll need cord - and depending on which technique you use, you may need super or jewelry glue, two cord end caps, two pairs of jewelry pliers, two or three jump rings, and a clasp.

There are lots of differents types of cord one can use!  I like 1 or .5 mm leather or cotton cord the best.  Today I'll be using the cotton.

There are two ways you can attach your pendant to the cord.  The first way is quick and easy if you have a pendant with a large hole, such as the harvest moon on the left.  If your pendant has a wire loop at the top, you'll need to attach a jump ring before putting it on your cord.  I'll get to how to do that further down!

To attach cord directly through a larger hole, cut your cord about three inches longer than you want it to end up being.  I like my necklaces about 26 inches, so I cut the cord at 29 inches.  After the cord is cut, line the two ends up together.  

At the opposite end of your cord, you'll have a loop.  Put this loop through the hole in your pendant, working from front to back.

Now take the two loose ends of cord and put them through the loop.

Pull tight and you're done!

If you're using a jump ring to attach your pendant to the cord, get two jewelry pliers.  On the jump ring you'll notice a line where the two sides meet.  Put one pair of pliers on either side of that line (needed a third hand to run the camera!) and twist slightly to open the jump ring up.

Insert the opened jump ring through the wire loop on your pendant.  Again using a pair of pliers on each side of the opening in the jump ring, close the ring by slightly twisting in the opposite direction.

Now you can just string your cord through the jump ring.

You can also use a jump ring on pendants with holes in them - you'll just need a larger jump ring!

Now that your pendant is on the cord, there are two ways I'll show you today to deal with those loose ends.  The first way is super quick, however it does leave a knot in the back (works if you have long hair) and you have to have made the necklace long enough that it'll fit over your head.

First, line the two ends up.

Next, bring the loose ends on top of the cord to make a loop.

Pull the loose ends through that loop - from back to front.

And pull tight - you're done!

For a more finished look, use cord end caps and a clasp.  First put a drop of glue into one of the end caps ....

.... then push one of the ends of the cord into it.

Repeat with the other end cap and cord end.

Let the glue set before you continue.

Next, open a jump ring, place it through the hole in one of the end caps, and close the jump ring.  Open another jump ring and place it through the hole in the other end cap.  Before closing it, put it through the hole in the end of the clasp.

Close the last jump ring and you have a new necklace!

The pendants I used today are handsculpted ceramic, fired multiple times with different layers of stain and then fired one last time with a clear glaze.  They'll be available on Friday in my shop at  If you go there before Friday, you'll be able to look around at a few things on the site, however the shopping button will say "Coming Soon."

Edit:  The shop will be open 7 am Friday September 15th!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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