Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Inspiration - Fiber Art Projects for Kids

On this Friday before most of US children return to school (I know, some of you have been there for awhile now!), I thought I'd share Amanda Heyn's article "33 Fiber Ideas for Your Classroom," from The Art of Education Magazine. 

Maybe you're an art or classroom teacher looking to spice up your curriculum with something different, maybe you teach a subject and want to do some cross-curricular work, or you have your kids at home and want something to keep them happy!  Fiber art is an area often left out of school curriculums, even in the art classroom.  When I was teaching middle school art, it was often the fibers projects that really excited my students!  The skills they learned in sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, and so on were ones they could go to a nearby store, buy supplies for, and continue practicing at home.  They loved painting and clay too, but those are hard and expensive to do on your own!

Some of the ideas Amanda presents are:

shibori hankerchiefs (with the prereduced kits, indigo dye pots are easy to mix up)


and ojos de dios.

I hope these and the other great ideas in the article inspire you!

Happy Creating!  Deborah