Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Inspiration - The Dolls of Mimi Kirchner

I wasn't particularly doll crazy as a child - I did have a couple of favorites and liked to plan outfits for my Barbie, but that's about it.  I watch Charlie with hers and marvel at all the back stories they have!  She is seldom without one of them as a companion.  My fascination with dolls began in my adulthood.  I have sketches of dolls I plan to make someday - however I've been gathering these sketches for a few decades now!  Maybe next year I'll make it a priority to get at least one actually made .....

I also love to look at what doll artists are doing and one of my favorite is Mimi Kirchner.  This Boston artist has a talent for bringing her fiber art to life - one can imagine her creations carrying on with a full lives after their photo shoots.  Not that they're photo realistic, because they're not.  It's more that they are so full of personality and have wonderful little details that give you clues as to who they are, what they do .... maybe what they're thinking!

An good interview with Mimi is here on Bibelot that gives some insight into her processes.

And Purl Soho has a free pattern and instructions for creating a doll she designed here.

Be sure to check out her website here for a blog, links to where you can buy her dolls, and announcements of classes she teaches.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. Thanks so much! I loved discovering this post- like a surprise present :-)