Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Short Pause ....

I'm taking a couple of days to breathe - the pause between finishing Halloween costumes and getting serious about what I'll actually be able to finish making for Christmas gifts!  I'm also finishing up a simple hat I've been working on the instructions for ....

Stay tuned!

Charlie went deep into her psyche for this year's costume, a Crazy Cat Lady.  This girl was born cat obsessed!  If she had her way, the house would be home to dozens of the furry critters.  I got off easy - the only part to sew was her cat themed fleece pajama bottoms.  The robe was bought and the stuffed cats pinned to it are only part of her vast collection.  

Henry was a little more of a challenge ... a two year old Jedi knight!  It had to be realistic as this boy loves and knows his Star Wars.  No patterns were published this year for the real thing (in size 2), so I went with a grim reaper cape and flared the sleeves out, a karate top (adding dark brown at the top edges to look like a layered shirt), and making a wide velcro belt from fake leather (with chain stitched along the front).  The blurry in motion shots ....

... and his serious contemplation of the Force.

I'll be back Friday with some ideas for quick but nice Christmas gifts to start working on.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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