Friday, October 2, 2015

Two Finished Scarves

I've been happily knitting with two fun yarns (both of which I posted about here) that made up into a couple of great scarves!  Actually, one is a shawl pattern, but it turned out so soft and lacy that I'll most likely be using it more like a scarf.

The Bamboo Bloom Handpaint yarn has soooo much fun texture!  I cast on a lengthwise scarf that I knitted in straight garter stitch on size 10 needles.  It was a quick project and made up into a fluffy, warm scarf!  I love the way the yarn varies from lace weight to loosely spun, unplyed sections and the color combinations.

I used Sharyn Anhalt's Turbinado Shawl pattern with Northbound Knit's 50/50 merino/silk DK weight yarn in the Metallurgy colorway for this gorgeous, light as air scarf/shawl.  It looks like spun metal, especially in the sunlight, but is so, so soft!  I added 5 repeats of the eyelet pattern rows, which made it a little longer and wider.  And makes beautifully curly ends!

Now I have several knitting projects to finish up and several patterns and skeins of yarn calling to me!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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