Thursday, October 8, 2015

Felt Fall Leaf Wreath

It's turning out to be an absolutely beautiful autumn here in the Northwest!  I've been looking for some way to capture the leaves' colors on a wreath and decided to go with felt.

Felt in various autumn leaf colors
Heavy fusible webbing
Hot glue
Grapevine wreath

Use leaves from your yard or neighborhood to make patterns.  Most of our deciduous trees around here are maple and birch, so I used those.

Remove one side of backing from the fusible webbing and press onto the wrong side of the felt.  Pin on pattern and cut out.

On the backing, draw a rough leaf vein design and cut out.  Continue until you have lots of leaves!

Peel off the other backing from a leaf and press onto the right side of a contrasting piece of felt.  Iron to set and cut out, leaving a thin margin.  Continue with all the leaves.

Using hot glue, attach three leaves near the bottom - Moose is being very "helpful," however cat help is not required!  Glue a couple of smaller leaves on top of those leaves.

Glue an arrangement of a few leaves opposite your first bunch (you'll notice in the photo at the top, I decided to add another leaf).  I cut a long bunch of raffia and tied it into a bow, trimmed up the ends, and hot glued it to the first bunch of leaves, but you could also use a fun, autumn themed ribbon.

I got carried away making leaves, so now I have a few to use on another project!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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