Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Inspiration - Marbled Fabric

I've recently become fascinated with marbled fabric!  My plate's a bit full right now for trying anything new, but I'm definitely enjoying looking at what different artists are doing.  The work of these two women is beautiful and their websites have a lot of interesting information about the process.

Natalie Stopka works with paper and fabric, creating books and scarves.  See her website here for lots of examples of her work and a schedule of where she's teaching classes.  And it's not marbling, but be sure to take a look at her book of nature prints here.  Gorgeous!

Suzi Soderlund's marbled fabrics are wonderful!  I love the colors and variety of patterns - in fact she has a really nice description with examples of the different types of patterns used in marbling on her website under the Fabric Designs tab.

And Clare McGibbon has a great looking tutorial on the Etsy blog for this marbled scarf.  It's so straight forward I wanted to put aside everything I'm currently working on and start marbling!  Soon ...

Happy Creating!  Deborah


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