Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Inspiration - Felted Rocks

I can remember loving rocks ever since I was tiny!  They filled my pockets and my "treasure" boxes.  And I still keep my eyes peeled for interesting ones when I'm on walks.  The thought of making rocks from fibers fascinates me and the work of these fiber artists is inspiring me to make some of my own.

If you've never come across Ronel Jordaan's work be sure to take some time looking through the website here.  Not only are the felted rocks amazing, but they're put together in such creative ways.  This grouping has felted succulents stitched together to make an accent pillow.

This rug made from felted rocks looks so comfy and cozy!  You can find out more about it on Yes, I Made That here.

I've seen crochet done around rocks, but doing it around the multicolored felted rocks is something new!  These were created by Ontario artist Mary Ellis.  I found these on the ShopMidland site.  These rocks use vintage crochet, however you can crochet right on rocks - CrochetRising has links to several good tutorials.

These gorgeous turquoise inspired felted rocks were created by artist Lisa Jordan.  She no longer sells her rocks on Etsy, but does have a good tutorial on her blog here on how to make them yourself.  And this tutorial on the Magic Onions website shows you how to put cool veins in your felted rocks.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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