Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Inspiration - Mr. Finch

Every so often I come across a textile artist that I can't believe I've never found before - the latest is Yorkshire fiber artist Mr. Finch.  The basic explanation of his work is that he takes vintage textiles and transforms them into amazing looking insects, plants, and animals.  However ... beyond that, he gives them life.  Their faces have expressions, their bodies are posed for what comes next, they have stories to tell.  And saying more than that is difficult - you have to see his work to understand what he does!

There are many, many more images on his website, plus links to his blog, Facebook page, and Etsy store (don't get excited yet - it's currently empty and apparently you have to get there fast to buy his work).  And there's a new book, Mr. Finch:  Living in a Fairy Tale World.

Happy Creating!  Deborah