Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Inspiration - Art of Winter

How does the old saying go ... if you can't change it feature it?  I've always found winter to be beautiful and an inspiration - the palettes of white/silver/blues, the crisp sparkle of sunshine on new winter snow.  I will admit that when I lived in the north, the beauty and inspiration quickly wore thin and I had to work harder at being inspired!  As the first major snowfall of the year moves in, take a moment to enjoy these fiber art pieces inspired by winter.

Russian born artist Ludmila Aristova discovered art quilting in the early 1990's and doesn't appear to have slowed down since!  Her website is filled with pieces inspired by nature, light, and cities.  The piece to the right is titled Winter and made with many layers of fabric and embroidery.

The gorgeous piece to the left was designed by fiber artist Carol Eaton using low immersion dying and fabric paint.  I love the depth she achieved - it truly looks like leaves layered in snow and ice.  Learn more about her techniques and see more pieces on her blog here.

In Sandia Mountain Winter Sunset, tapestry artist Elizabeth Buckley perfectly captures the gorgeous winter colors New Mexico.  I can almost feel the frosty air!  See her website for more of her work and also her teaching schedule.

And finally a non-fiber artist!  Photographer Alexey Kljatov captures macro shots of actual snowflakes that are truly amazing and inspiring.  Looking at them, I need to keep reminding myself these are not Swarovski ornaments!  To see more and learn about his set-up (it doesn't look hard to replicate), see his blog, The Keys to December.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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