Monday, November 18, 2013

Wool Eater Potholder

This time of the year, I start thinking about all the Christmas baking to come - not planning it, just thinking about it!  Every year I seem to focus on something different and I think this year it might be candy.  The good homemade, old fashioned types!  Luckily the humidity is low enough in Arizona that Christmas candy making usually works pretty well.

So to put me even more in the mood, this weekend I made a new potholder using Sarah London's Wool Eater pattern.  If you haven't seen this before, there are some gorgeous Wool Eater blankets on several Flickr groups - here's one.  That seems like a huge undertaking, but I'm thinking maybe pillows?  

I used KnitPicks Cotlin in Swan, Sprout, and Moroccan Red and a size E crochet hook.  After finishing one potholder, I decided it was to thin to safely use, so I made another one ....

put them wrong sides together and attached by single crocheting them together along the edges, beginning on a point.

To add a hanging loop, once I got back to where I began the single crochets (at a point), I chained 18 and attached it back onto the point.  I then single crocheted around the loop until it was all covered and then fastened off the yarn.

Bring on the candy making!!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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