Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Needlework Themed Gift Tags

In case you need some gift tags for those presents you'll be out buying this week (or that you're just finishing up making!), here's a set of six with a needlework theme.  I put them onto felt to go along with the fibers theme, but they can also just be printed out onto card stock.  Several of these images come from Graphics Fairy - you can find all sorts of vintage and other interesting images there!

*red and green felt
*1/8 inch ribbon
*printer prepared fabric - I used Iron-On Quick Fuse that can be printed and then ironed directly onto another piece of fabric after printing
*pinking shears
*tapestry needle
*craft knife
*gift tag file here

1.  Print the gift tags onto the printer fabric.

2.  Cut each gift tag out.

3.  Iron onto felt.  Note:  if you're using Eco-Felt or thin polyester felt, use a pressing cloth or a piece of paper under your iron to prevent it from melting on the iron.

4.  Cut out with pinking shears.  Using a craft knife, cut a small slit in the left hand side.

5.  Cut a 12 inch piece of ribbon, thread it through the tapestry needle, and pull through the slit.  Knot next to the gift tag.  I then use a fine point Sharpie to write on it.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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