Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Banner

With Halloween coming up next week, here's a quick banner to add to your decorations!

*orange, white, gray, and black felt
*small amount of Halloween print fabric
*Steam-a-Seam II
*Photo Fabric
*7/8 inch ribbon
*Vintage Halloween postcard images here - be sure to print in landscape

1.  Take an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper and fold in half lengthwise.  Draw a line from the bottom corner on the folded side to the corner diagonal to it.  Cut out for your banner pattern.  Using this, cut 2 gray triangles and 3 black triangles.

2.  Peel the back off one piece of Steam-a-Seam II and press onto the back of the piece of Halloween fabric.  Turn over and cut out two circles - anywhere that interests you.

3.  Apply Steam-a-Seam II to back of the circles and iron to attach to the black felt.  If you're using a poly felt such as Eco Felt, use a pressing cloth or piece of paper between the iron and the felt - the temperature of the iron will melt the felt, otherwise!  Cut out the circles leaving about a 1/4 inch frame.  Peel the back off a sheet of Steam-a-Seam II and press the circles onto it.  Cut out and iron onto the gray triangles.

4.  Print the vintage Halloween postcard images onto a piece of cotton Photo Fabric.  If this is your first time using this, see this past post.

5.  Press a sheet of Steam-a-Seam II to the back of the printed fabric and cut the postcards out.  Iron onto the black triangles.

6.  Pin gray triangles to white felt and black triangles to orange felt and cut out, leaving about a 1/4 inch frame.  Sew in place about 1/4 inch in from the edges using a longer top stitch.

7.  Cut a piece of ribbon to fit where you want your banner to go plus 12 inches if you're using tacks to hold it in place or 2 feet if you're tying the ends to something.  Fold in half and put a pin in to mark the place.

8.  Find the center of one of the black triangles and pin to the ribbon at it's mid-point.  Pin the rest of the edge in place.

9.  Next pin a gray triangle to the ribbon, placing its upper point one inch from the upper point of the black triangle.

10.  Sew triangles to the ribbon over the stitching that's already there.

I like the way this turned out so much, I just may start on a Thanksgiving banner!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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