Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Autumn Themed Crochet

Here are some fun autumn themed crochet pieces I've come across in my searches!

This fun Thanksgiving doily is from  You can buy the pattern here.  If the stores around you are like the ones in my area, it's getting harder and harder to find crochet thread in a variety of colors.  I've been ordering mine from here and here.

I love Cathy Shaughnessy's free form autumn piece!  This looks like a great way to use some of those leftover yarns I've been saving forever, too .... She has some other beautiful pieces here.

Alicia Kachmar has free instructions on her website for these creative bunches of Indian corn, using Lion Brand Homespun.  I have some bits of that, too!

And if you hurry, you'll have time to make this spider filet doily for Halloween!  Originally designed by Sandi Marshall, the instructions are free on crochet.  This would look great done in a black thread, too.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Hi Deborah! Thanks for posting those lovely inspirations for autumn crocheting. I love Cathy Shaughnessy's work - wow!

    Perhaps you can help me with an idea that's running through my head: I have a lot of lovely pressed leaves that I'd like to preserve in some special way and was thinking of laminating them and then creating a crocheted border with a string for hanging them up (or making them into bookmarks). Have you done or seen anything like this on the web? I'm striking out on all of my searches and I figure someone is bound to have done something similar. Or do any neat ideas come to your mind? (Some of the leaves are stunningly thin and fine. I figure they deserve something special!) Any advice or ideas would be most welcome! Thanks! And, as always, I enjoy your lovely world here! - Janice

    1. Thank you! Yes - I've laminated actual fall leaves before and they've lasted at least a year. Might've been longer than that, but I did it the second to last year I was teaching at a school and left them there packed away when I left! It's something I've been wanting to do again, though. And than you for the link below - you're right, those are gorgeous!

  2. Of course, wandering around Pinterest I just found these beauties:
    Speaking of wow...