Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Inspiration - The Art of Amanda McCavour

Several months ago while going through my sewing supplies, I came across a package of Solvy - it's a material that dissolves in water and is usually used as an embroidery support.  I really have no idea why I bought it - the price tag looks really old - so I left it out to search out ideas for, went to Oregon in May, and promptly forgot about it for the second time!

Cat's Cradle
Now that I'm back down in Arizona, I saw that package sitting on the edge of the table ... and did an internet search on interesting things to use it for.  And that's when I found photos of Canadian artist Amanda McCavour's thread work!  Amanda uses a sewing machine and spools of machine thread to "paint" images onto Solvy and then dissolves it away, leaving what looks like impossible sculptures of pure thread.  They are gorgeous and inspiring!

Amanda's website has a wonderful gallery to look through and there is a great piece about her in a past issue of Surface Design Journal that talks about her inspirations and more about the process - and has more amazing photographs.  

Living Room

I love the delicate feel of the pieces - they look transient, like something to be enjoyed quickly, although they are apparently quite strong.  

Floating Garden

And as wonderful as these look in photographs, I have a feeling they would be even more amazing in person, so I'll keep an eye out for showings of her work that I might be able to get to!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. Beautiful paintings! I like the floating garden. Thanks for sharing!