Thursday, July 25, 2013

Agreeable Tiger Moth Finale

Yes - my Wednesday post is showing up on Thursday .... I'm back down in Arizona and unfortunately my computer's power cord did not make the trip with me!  Simple enough - just go up to one of the many computer or office supply stores around here and get a new one.  That's what I did when I lost a computer power cord while traveling several years ago .... however, in these days of stores keeping their inventory low, apparently those are not stocked any longer.  But can be ordered with a week to two week delivery.  And all this was discovered while traveling around in humid, 102 to 106 degree weather!  Thank goodness for Amazon - that's all I have to say!

While traveling I got a nice block of time to work on my Agreeable Tiger Moth and then finished it up once I got back to Arizona.

I used black velvet thread for the moth's black spots, a mixture of silk, perle cotton, velvet, and embroidery floss for the french knots, and added a bead to the center of each flower.  Now I just need to get it framed!

And on my last full day on the farm, I found another amazing moth!

I was surprised to find that this is also a Tiger Moth - a Garden Tiger Moth!  I like this moth family .... I think I need to embroider a series of them.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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