Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Project - Return of the Sheep

Remember the sheep from January's silk painting?  They're back!  This time I'm using them in an embroidery pattern.  I put them on a kitchen towel, however they would look cute on other things such as pillowcases or children's clothing.

*kitchen towel or fabric - the diaper fabric I use to clean my glasses is working so well, I decided to try it out on dishes
*embroidery floss - I used a variegated brown, a variegated black/gray, dark green, light green, two colors of peach, and black
*transfer paper
*pattern found here

I used embroidery transfer paper to put the design onto the fabric and then went over it with a sharp pencil to help the lines show up better.

Sew all the lines with an outline stitch, the flower petals with a lazy daisy stitch, and the eyes of the sheep and centers of the flowers with french knots - all with two strands of floss.  It was hard to keep french knots from coming through this fabric, so I tied a knot after each on the back of the fabric and that seemed to help.

Some of you have asked how I deal with tying off embroidery floss without knots.  There are a few different ways to deal with this.  I leave about 4 inches when I begin each strand ...

... and when I finish using the thread I weave it through floss on the back of the design a few times ...

... and then trim the threads close to the fabric.  Then I go back to the four inches of floss I left at the beginning, thread it through the needle, and weave it in the same way.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. These little woolies are so adorable. Thanks for the tying off part. So simple.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  2. Loved watching you work on this one...they are so cute :-). I have a package of new flat fold diapers in the closet that I am going to have to play with now I think.