Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Inspirations - More Shibori!

Violet Plume
Yeah - I'm still going a little shibori crazy!  I'll show you what I've been doing on Monday.  Besides turning my hands blue, I've also been looking for shibori inspiration on the net and have found some interesting artwork.

UK artist Helen Bolland has some gorgeous pleated and brightly dyed shibori scarves on her website.  This one reminds me of a flower - there's one of hers that is reminiscent of dragons!

Michelle Griffith uses shibori in very interesting ways in her artwork - definitely worth a look.  Some like the piece to the left are tied but not dyed.  It looks so delicate.  There's lots more to see on her website.

The art quilts by Carol Anne Grotrian are amazing!  I can't even imagine the time it must take to tie all of those knots and do all of the stitching this would entail!  She dyes in indigo, as is traditional with shibori.  There are more on her website.

Wave:  Montana de Oro


Michael Smith does what he calls "non-traditional" shibori on silk.  It looks a little like arashi, but stepped up a few notches!  The colors made me drool!  Check out his website here.

I don't know though .... there's still something about the traditional shibori indigo kimonos that draw me in.  This one is a child's kimono from the beginning 20th century.  Beautiful! 

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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