Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Summer Leaves

Our yard has reached that green time of year - it's gotten too hot for my pots of flowers, the wild flowers have all gone to seed ... but the trees and heat loving bushes are going strong! 

So many different greens!  The bright citrusy greens of the lemon tree and its tiny, next year lemons. 

In the garden, besides the herbs, we still have beets with their red streaked greens and the yellow-green of the peppers.  With all that green, the oranges and pinks of the bougainvilleas really stand out!

The blued greens of the geraniums add a nice contrast.

Flickr photo

 I seem to use leaves in my work quite a bit and love looking at the fiber art work of artists who use leaves in theirs.  This gorgeous felted, beaded leaf pendant from Humblebeads reminds me that I haven't done any felted pins in a long time.  Hmmm ... I'm already getting some ideas.

I'm intrigued by the lacy leaves on Andi Shannon's art quilt.  They remind me of skeletonized leaves.  She gives a nice explanation here (March 16, 2011 entry) on how she makes these. 

And Lynda Pike's leaves she painted on canvas and then quilted are amazing!  She talks about creating the piece here

I have an idea for functional fiber art based on leaves and using ice dying that I'll be starting on next week.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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