Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Current Fiber Art Exhibits

Summer's here and I bet a lot of you will be traveling!  If you'll be in the US, I have four fiber art exhibits that look great.  Unfortunately, my travels won't take me anywhere near them, but I'm having a good time looking at the on-line information each of the exhibits has.

Mmmm - I love the art of Japanese silk kimonos!  The Textile Museum in Washington, DC has an exhibit of Tawaraya Workshop woven silks and kimonos running through August 12, 2012.  The Tawaraya Workshop is one of Japan's oldest - over 500 years of making silks for the Imperial Household.  And if you can't get there to see it in person, the museum has a good on-line exhibit, including the full Exhibit Guide.

Snowshoes and Canoes, Ferdie Goode
The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts has what looks like a great exhibit of Native American quilts, weavings, rugs, and beadwork coming up.  In the Native American Tradition runs from July 18 to October 2012.  If you live nearby or are planning a Wisconsin visit, be sure to look at the different curators talks they'll be having - and the Artists' Reception!

If you love indigo-dyed fabrics and will be in New York (I'm dying that I was just there and this wasn't open, yet), the Mondo Cane Gallery will be showing Erik Kvatek's personal collection of antique Japanese Boro textiles.  The work will be there until July 12, 2012.  The gallery's website has some great photos if you can't make it to see it in person. 

Haena Point (Hawaiian Sunset #1), 1979
And finally, the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles has an exhibition of the late Mark Adams' woven pictoral tapestries on display until July 29, 2012.  I love his use of vibrant colors and bold shapes!  Again, the museum's website has a nice sampling of the works on display.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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