Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Sewing - Pearl Keeper

Last year I went on a pearl tying binge!  And when I'm not wearing one, the necklaces have been sitting in little boxes since then.  When I saw how the blue flowered felt piece I made last week turned out, I immediately thought of a pearl case.  Pearls like to have softness around them, so the felted wool seemed perfect.  Pearls don't like to rub against themselves or other pearls though (it damages the nacre), so pearl cases usually have little compartments or sections.  My felt piece was too small to to do this with .... but when I spend some time thinking about how to make a sewing project work, I usually come up with something!

First I added some embroidery and beading.  I used a plain piece of hand made felt for the back and sewed around the three sides.

I have quite a few handkerchiefs that were mine when I was a child and some that also belonged to my grandmothers.  I wrapped each necklace in its own handkerchief before slipping it into the case.

After folding the case in half and tying it with a ribbon, it was finished.  Much nicer than boxes!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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