Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Interesting Spinning

Now that I'm spinning, I'm all of a sudden noticing those cool, funky yarns - you know, the ones for twenty something dollars plus!  So once I get regular spinning down, I want to start spinning these yarns for myself.  Here are some of what's inspiring me:

Karla at Spinning Mermaids has a wonderful sense of color - I love her combinations.  You can see her dyed rovings at her Etsy shop here

I could just sit and look at these yarns forever!  And I'm actually getting to the point where I think I could attempt them - whether or not they'd turn out like this is another question, but I'm always way over my head in what I try!  Danika spun these yarns using a random yarn generator "game" that can be found on Ravelry here.  She has several other gorgeous hand spun yarns here.

 If you're wondering how some of those great art yarns are spun, Jacey Bogg's "Spin Art: The Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn" tells all.  Even if you don't spin it's pure eye candy!  I have great plans for this summer, using this book.

And here's what else is inspiring me lately, when it comes to yarn.  Yep.  I think I caught the sheep bug.  These are Icelandic sheep - read about them here.  They sound great!  However, I live in Phoenix on a suburban sized lot.  Probably won't work.  Okay - I hear my husband saying it definitely won't work!  Hmmm ... who knows?!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. Sheep in the suburbs of Phoenix! Why not? I think you could start a new trend, although you might have to choose a smaller, heat tolerant breed. Icelandic sheep probably wouldn't do well in your Phoenix summers... but aren't they gorgeous?
    I'm in love with these wonderful yarns and roving that just scream "Spring".
    Right now I'm in love with Jojoland's Rhythm and love the changes of color as I knit... and it felts like a dream.
    Great post... inspiring.