Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Project - Knit Dish Cloths

Knitting's going well!  I can't believe I'm saying that .... I finished the first two dish cloths I'm working on for practice.  I'm thinking I'll like knit dish cloths even better than crocheted ones.  They're less bulky and easier to wash with.  One thing I don't like, though, is the funky edges I have after casting off.  But that's taken care of easily with a little crochet!

The yellow and cream cloth is just a mix of the first two stitches I learned.  I used Knit Pick's Cotlin yarn - it's a blend of cotton and linen that holds up well to repeated washings.  I cast 44 stitches onto size 6 needles and knit six rows, followed by six rows of stockinette stitch beginning with a row of knit, and repeated that pattern four times.  I added one last set of six knit rows and cast off.  To add an edging, I switched to crochet.  With an E hook, I joined the cream yarn at a corner and did *one single crochet, one half double crochet, and one single crochet* in a knit stitch, skipped the next stitch, and repeated.  On the edges where it was hard to tell where the stitches were, I did enough that it didn't ruffle up. And I just carried both yarns on the side.

The blue and white cloth is the Chinese Waves dish cloth pattern I found at Maggie's Rags.  It's an easy pattern that's definitely within the reach of beginning knitters - like me!  Again, I used Knit Pick's Cotlin and size 6 needles.  After I finished and cast off, I added a row of single crochet in blue around the outside (with a size E hook), putting three sc in each corner.  I then added a row of sc in cream and one last row in blue.

 I'm itching to try something like a .... sweater?  Right!  I think I'll keep practicing on a few smaller items first!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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