Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Toddler Apron

Little c is very aware of what everyone else around her is doing and she very much wants to do the same.  And she's recently noticed that no one she eats with wears a bib.  That was the end of bibs!  Usually it's fine - she has a nice laid back mom who doesn't get freaked out by strawberries rubbed down the front of a shirt.  But sometimes it'd be really nice if little c would just go with the bib.  So my daughter-in-law's mother brought out the apron her great- grandmother (little c's great-great-grandmother) made for her when she was a toddler - how cool is that?!  And little c loves, loves, loves it!  She'd wear it until it was worn out - it seemed best to draw up a pattern and make her several new ones.

*3/4 yard fabric
*4 yards double fold bias tape - the skinny one, not the extra wide one
*1 button
*pattern found here

1.  First, print out the pattern pages.  Cut out pattern piece parts and tape together along the dotted lines, matching at the numbered shapes.

2.  Pin the patterns to your fabric using the following layout.  Cut them out.

3.  Pin bias tape to the top of the pocket.  Sew close to the bias tape edge.

4.  Pin pocket to apron front, matching sides and bottoms.  Baste sides.

5.  Transfer pocket division lines from pattern. 

6.  Starting at the bottom, sew up one side of each line, take one stitch at the top on the bias tape, and sew down the other side.

7.   Iron under 1/4 inch on marked side of back reinforcement pieces.  Top stitch close to the edge.

8.   Pin back reinforcement pieces to the top of backs and baste along the top edges.

9.  Pin front to backs at shoulder seams.  Sew in a 1/2 inch seam.

10.  Pin bias tape to each arm hole and sew in place, close to the bias tape edge.

11.  Pin sides together.  Sew in a 1/2 inch seam.

12.  Pin bias tape around the bottom, sides, and neck edges.  Join bias tape ends (see this past post for an explanation).  Double fold bias tape is 1 inch wide, so overlap the ends 1 inch.  Sew close to bias tape edge.

13.  Transfer marking for button to right side of apron.  Make a button hole so that the marking is in the middle.

14.  Sew on button ...

and you're done!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. How cute...Grandma Stella made some similar ones for Stella May and I...Mom didn't find them until recently...Josie is loving them...maybe I'll have to make her a new one in purple or blue (her favorite colors)

  2. I just made one of these smocks using a really thin vinyl and it turned out so great! It's perfect for painting and is a lovely fit for my 3 year old. Thanks for the pattern!

  3. I've never done something like this before but your guide is so easy to follow. So I'll give it a try.

  4. I love this! it's very lovely flower idea.

  5. How adorable! Thank you for your generosity, I can't wait to make one.
    I also the flower fabric, which fabric is that?


    1. Thank you! It's just a fabric I bought at Joanne's - probably made for them, since most of their cottons are.

  6. Replies
    1. This fits a toddler approximately size 2 to 3. Little C was almost two in the photo at the top of the page and it's a bit big on her.

  7. I have tried printing in both chrome and explorer with no luck. Any advise?

    1. Is it not printing at all or not printing out to size?