Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Project - What I'm Crocheting This Fall

I took the holiday weekend (in the US) off and didn't work on any projects, but I did do some surfing for free crochet patterns to add to my fall list.

With the hot weather we've been having, our tile floors aren't cooling off yet but I know it's just a matter of time before that happens.  This fall/winter I want to crochet a pair of slippers that won't make my feet sweat - I don't need super warm slippers.  Just something to keep the edge off.  These slippers Carrie Wolf adapted from a Craftown pattern look perfect! 

I love these bunches of crocheted Indian corn from Alicia Kachmar!  She used Lion Brand Homespun held together with a coordinating solid color of yarn - I bet a heather would work real well.  I'll definitely be making up a couple bunches of these.

I found two great Halloween crochet projects.  Crafty Lady Abby came up with a skull filet doily I have to make at least one of!  I'm also thinking this would be great on the front of a lacy overshirt ... Her pattern is here.

 And I can see one of these cute jack-o-lanterns in little c's future.  I'll probably need to make one for me also - which means making two.  One for me and one for the cats, since they've decided anything round and crocheted is a cat toy.  The pattern is by Hillary on Hooking Around.  I'll probably embroider the eyes and mouth on with glow-in-the-dark thread I ordered last year from Sublime Stitching.

I don't currently know anyone having a baby, but I like working on baby things (they're quick to make and easy to store), so I'll probably make up this darling cloche and sweater set I found on Aesthetic Nest.  The sweater is by Abigail Goss, who has free instructions here and the cloche was designed by Anneliese in sizes newborn through 24 months (pattern here).  I think little c also needs a cloche!

And I know I don't need another one, but I'm hopeless addicted to making scarves!  I love the open laciness of this one I found on the Woman's Day's website here.  I have quite a few gorgeous variegated yarns in my stash that would be perfect.

That should keep me busy through the start of football season up through the end of baseball!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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