Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Plarn!

A few months ago, our newspaper started getting delivered in bright plastic sleeves - being the color freak I am, I immediately started hoarding them!  Can you believe in all that time we've only gotten one purple sleeve?  My plan was to make "plarn" (plastic yarn) from them and then crochet some wonderfully colorful creation.  After a few days of surfing the web for ideas, I'm mainly underwhelmed and overwhelmed!  Unfortunately, some of what's out there reminds me of crochet's non-glory days in the 1970's.  And fortunately, there are some amazing things being done with plarn that I can't even begin to imagine doing myself.


If you haven't run across Helle Jorgensen's plarn sea creatures and coral reefs, definitely take a look right now!  I would never have believed such beauty could be created with plastic sacks.  If you're thinking of trying your hand at plarn creatures, she has a tutorial on how to make the yarn.

Instructables has a great tutorial on making a plarn betta fish to get you started. 

I had something more like a bag in mind for my precious stash, though.  Two that really stood out to me were this multi-colored, striped bag from UrbanSustainableSociety ....

... and the bag Rachel Schell crocheted with a few modifications from the pattern by Nancy Livengood.  Rachel also has a plarn making tutorial on her site. 

 If you're a spinner, I came across an intriguing video on how to make spun plarn on TrendHunter.  It was done with a drop spindle - something I've yet to try.

And if you're ready to be challenged, rather than simply inspired, this is interesting - spun newspaper yarn from Green Upgrader.  I have no idea how durable it would be, but when I finally get around to trying spinning, I'll make some to test out.  We recycle a lot of newspapers!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. wow I love love love the beta fish. The plastic fins make it look so real. What a cool idea newspaper yarn!