Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Adding a Neck Placket Or What To Do When Your Toddler Thinks She's Being Smothered

Little c truly loves Elmo and one of her aunts found this great Valentine's Day shirt for her.  One problem - the neck opening was too small.  And little c does NOT like to have anything squished over her head!  The good news is, it's really easy to add a neck placket to T's.

*shirt with a too tight neck
*small piece of matching (or close) fabric
*small piece of 1/8 inch elastic

1.  Using a seam ripper, take off any tags.

2.  Cut a piece of matching or coordinating fabric (about 2 x 3 inches or the size you need to give you enough to make the size opening you need).  Iron the top edge down about 1/4 inch, fold over again and sew in place.  Zigzag stitch around the other edges.

3. Pin onto the center of the neck back, matching top edges.  Draw a long, narrow V from the top down as long as needed to make the neck opening the size you need.

4.  Stitch the V.  Go back over the stitching a second time and cut open.

5.  Turn placket to inside, pin in place and sew close to the edges.

6. Cut a small piece of elastic, fold it in half and stitch to the inside of one side of the neck placket.

7.  Sew a button on the other side of the placket.

Now there'll be a happy little c!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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