Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Leaves!!

This Friday I have a few different fiber artists for you to look at who use leaves in their designs.  Yes - I'm still thinking of leaves!  I just returned from a long weekend in New England and after looking all those gorgeous colors, I'm overloaded with leaf ideas.  That's not always a good thing for me - too many ideas and none of them may see the light of day!  We've also had a LOT of people linking to the Photo Fabric Leaves post from Rachel's One Pretty Thing, so I know you're also interested in leaves.  Welcome!

 Oh my gosh, the leaf colors in New England are unbelievable!  The photos I took didn't even approach what they look like in real life.  I spent two days riding through the forests and small villages with a smile on my face!  If they inspire you, feel free to use the leaves in the opening photo or the one to the right in your own art.  If you need more inspiration, check out the fiber artists below.

Barbara Murak uses dyes, silk, and sewing to create her fiber art.  I love her lettuce!  Be sure to check out her website - she's moving in a different direction now.

I've been admiring thread painting for awhile, but have not attempted it yet.  Casey Collier's Heartleaf Brunnera is a beautiful example of this technique.  I was very saddened to learn of Casey's passing on.  Her website is now down - she will be sorely missed, but her work will live on.

If you are anywhere around Madison, Wisconsin, you might want to check out Barbara Schneider's Summer's End exhibit at the Steinhauer Trust Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Barbara uses cloth, paint, dye, and thread to create her amazing leaf designs.  The show runs through October 29 and I really, really wish I could see it.  Update:  the exhibit is over and the website is down, but you can see more of Barbara's work on her website.

In case you're not inspired yet or just want to see more, I'll finish with a couple more pictures from New England.

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