Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Happy Halloween!!

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to skeletons, zombies, and scary things in the night.  This is currently a popular subject year round for fiber artists!

Katherine Knauer is a quilt artist who has done several skeleton themed works.  My favorite is Funeral.

Katherine Knauer, Funeral, 1985.  Quilt, 30" x 48".
Her website inspires me to sketch my ideas for art quilts (so far I'm big on sketchy, not so big on actually making them) - I hope it inspires you!

This amazing skeleton was knitted by fiber artist Ben Cuevas.  Be sure to check out his website and look at the detail shots!

Transcending the Material

You'll also see various body parts he's knitted for an exhibit, such as the brain to the right.  And depending on how comfortable you are about bodies, you might want to look at the site first if you're planning on looking at it with your kids!

Now we get a little more macabre ....

Shannell Papp knitted this skeleton who still has all his insides - kind of - for the 2009 Toronto City of Craft Art Festival.  The website has two more views of the piece.  As someone who is pretty bad at knitting, I am in awe of works like these!

Lab #4
Ah, zombies ....  We love them!  Adam Parker Smith created these zombie mask works for his Bold as Love exhibit two years ago in New York.  I would have liked to see that!

So have fun with all the monsters that will be creeping around - and if you get inspired by one, grab your sketch book.  You never know what type of fiber art might come of it!

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