Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Stitchalicious! Mindy Sue Wittock

One of the benefits of being on the Arizona State University campus each week is being able to view the MFA candidates' thesis exhibitions in the Harry Wood Gallery - it's one of the highlights of my week!  Not long after I began my graduate work in the fall of 2008, I walked through the gallery's doors and froze, stunned.  There before me was a wonderland of pastries, sweets, and numerous other types of goodies all created from fabric and common household items!  I have to say that Mindy Sue (Meyers) Wittock's Stitchalicious exhibit is one of the most amazing I've seen.

I'm a total felt and fabric fanatic and love those pieces in the exhibit, but maybe more amazing is how she takes everyday, mundane household items such as sponges and gives them new, more glamorous lives.  Below is Cake Antoinette and Cake Antoinette Two.  I'll never again look at sponges the same!

With her sculpture, Mindy Sue looks at themes of indulgence and the comfort these sweets bring.  Admiring the piles of beaded, glittering confections takes me back to childhood and standing in front of bakery counters deciding what to pick out.  Whether I got to choose a treat as a fun indulgence or as a comfort (there were times for both!), it's a fond memory.

After viewing the exhibit several times, I sketched out ideas for a felt cupcake I planned on using as a pincushion.  Hmmm.... that was two years ago!  If you read Wednesday's blog entry, you'll see I just now finished it!

In the past two years, Mindy Sue has continued adding to Stitchalicious and exhibiting it in many venues.  Be sure to check out her website and be inspired by her creativity.

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