Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Inspiration - Christmas Embroidery on Sweaters

Okay - it's now December and time to come to grips with reality.  The Christmas sweaters that in June I was sure I would be able to finish by now are .... not even started.  They're not going to happen!  But all is not lost - there is a really cool way to quickly (and securely) embroider on already knit sweaters.  Susan B. Anderson has a great YouTube video showing a chain/wrap stitch combo that can be used to make about any design.  And to get a thinner line of embroidery, use a smaller thickness yarn such as fingering or lace.  If the video below doesn't work for you, the video is here.

If your creative juices are flowing, this is probably all you'll need to take off on creating some fun designs.  And then if you're like the rest of us, still in a post-Thanksgiving fuzz, here are some places to find fun ideas.

The Spruce has 10 free Christmas embroidery patterns, several of which would work great on a sweater!  Find the links here.

Craftsy has several designs, some of which translate very well into the chain stitch technique and some that will require knowledge of a few more simple embroidery stitches.  Patterns are here.

And this Pinterest board has a lot of simple line Christmas embroidery patterns that would work great with a chain stitch!  See it here.

I have another Christmas embroidery project going that I'm hoping to show progress on next week!  Fingers crossed for some quiet, peaceful embroidery time!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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