Thursday, November 2, 2017

Easy Cotton Flannel Scarves

Okay - these scarves are really, really easy.  I love the coziness of cotton flannel scarves - not the thin printed kind that works great for pajamas, but the little bit thicker, woven designed ones with the same pattern on both sides.  And I love my cotton scarves big and fringed - but not too long on the fringe.  So .... when one is that picky, it's better to just make it!!

*1 square of cotton shirting flannel  - depends on how big you like your scarves.  Mine is 44 inches square, but you can also make it a rectangle
*seam ripper

First, iron your fabric and cut off the selvages.  These are the two sides of the fabric that are woven - you don't need to cut off a lot, just enough so you can unravel the threads.

Next, using a seam ripper (or a pin will do), start separating out the threads on one side of the scarf.  Pull each thread all the way down the length of the side and take it out.  At first, it's easier for me to start at one end and just refind the thread when it breaks, but after my fringe is about a quarter inch I find it easier to start pulling the threads out from the middle of the side.

Keep on taking out threads until you have the length of fringe you like!  Mine is 3/4 inch.  Continue on to the next side.  You can leave the fringes as is or if you like those twisted fringes, just grab a few of the fringe threads and give them a good twist.

You will have a huge thread pile!!

To stabilize your scarf so you can wash and dry it without the fringes continuing to grow, sew right along the scarf edge of the fringe - I use a small stitch count (2) on my machine.

And that's really it!  On to the next two and I'll be set for a cozy winter!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. I'm thinking this is just one more way to upcycle some of Dad's old shirts. The back would be just enough for a scarf! Thanks for the wonderful idea.