Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Inspiration - Studio Space

Something very exciting is happening around here!  Last summer we began the process of building a garage .... and I came up with the idea of adding a second floor over it to make into a fibers studio.  Well, after months of planning, filing for permits, and preliminaries, it's taking shape!  The last few days, I've been itching to get into the upstairs and start planning!  However, since I have to be patient for a bit longer, I've begun collecting photos of inspiring studios.

This one is from Wee Coutures - cute doll clothes on the website too!

This one has a nice weaving corner ....

.... and I love the bright cheerfulness of this studio from Lightgarden.

These are great, but for most of my life I didn't have anywhere near the space to even dream of a studio that big!  These two "corner" studios give you the ability to keep all your supplies in one area, leave work out (the big problem with my old studio - the dining room table), and have a dedicated space to go to - all important things to keep one inspired to continue creating!

This one comes from the now defunct blog chiclittlehouse.  Great use for a closet!

And this great corner is from Jennibellie Studio - there are a couple other nice areas on the post here, too.

Stay tuned in the rest of this year to see what this new studio becomes!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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