Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's Leon Day!

Happy Leon Day!  If you're like me a week ago, you're saying huh??????  I recently found out about this special day and love it, however I do love anything that makes any day special.  So what is Leon Day?  Well, Leon is Noel backwards and June 25th is 6 months from Christmas!  For many people I know, the last thing they want to start thinking about in June is Christmas, however if you're a crafter of any type you know how important it really is to begin thinking about the holidays months ahead.  First of all, one needs that extra time to get even half of what is planned finished!  And then June and July are when all the new holiday fabrics are released.

I actually plan for Christmas projects all year long and really get going in July - and yes, we will be having a week of Christmas in July like usual this year with the first of the new hand crafted ornaments and new projects and inspirations!  Until then, here are some previews.  

So, indulge yourself today with some Christmas dreaming!  Here are some websites to help:
Patience Brewster new ornaments
Fat Quarter Shop's Christmas fabric's list of Christmas craft books
Etsy listings of Christmas yarn
Ravelry Christmas patterns

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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