Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Indigo Work of Lynn Pollard

I'm currently in a whirlwind - this is the time of year I move up to the Northwest farm and I'm sorting and re-sorting, packing and re-packing, trying to figure out which of my fibers, dyes, and equipment I can fit into the car.  I alternate between hope and uncertainty!

I'll most likely be quiet on the blog for a week or two until I get things settled, so I'm leaving you with some beautiful work to ponder!  This summer, I'm planning on focusing on my indigo dyeing and Lynn Pollard's indigo dyed papers have been inspiring to me ever since I first saw her work.

Like Lynn, I'm in love with the magic of indigo!  There are so many factors that affect what you get, that a large amount of the results are serendipity.  Not enough to make you nervous, just enough to add excitement - like opening a package on your birthday.  The layers in her work are amazing!

To see more of Lynn's work, see her website here.  And I highly recommend this Make video showing her at work.  It does a great job of capturing indigo's magic!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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