Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Christmas Ornaments Part 2

In keeping with the bird theme for this year's ornaments, here are three owls ready to nest in a Christmas tree! 

* felt - heathered tan, heathered gray, tan, white, black, textured brown, textured black, yellow, red, green, gray
*embroidery floss
*1/8 inch ribbon
*three larger red beads and one large star sequin
*felt glue
*patterns here

Holly Owl

Cut two outline pieces from heathered tan and one body piece from textured brown.

Using three strands of embroidery floss and a blanket stitch, sew the body piece to one of the outline pieces between the markings - from the top of the wings to the bottom.

Cut two holly leaves from green felt and attach to front of the body piece using a running stitch down the middle of each.  Sew on three larger red beads for holly berries.

Cut a beak from tan felt and attach with a blanket stitch - sew only below the lines.  Cut two eyes from white and attach with a running stitch around the outside.

Cut two eye pupils from black and attach with a dot of felt glue. Cut two eyelids from heathered tan felt.  Attach with running stitches around the edges.

Sew the piece you've been working on to the remaining outline piece - using a blanket stitch, sew from the top of one ear around one wing and the bottom, up around the other wing to the top of the other ear.

Cut a hat from red.  Sew on with a blanket stitch (go through all layers of felt) only along the two sides.

Cut one hat pompom and one hat trim from white.  Sew on with a blanket stitch - catch in a looped piece of ribbon on the top of the pompom.

Star Owl

Same directions as the Holly Owl, except instead of the holly leaves cut a star from yellow and attach with a running stitch around the outside.  Sew on a large sequin star - I used a small yellow bead to hold it on.

Candy Cane Owl

Same directions as the Holly Owl except cut a candy cane from white felt and attach to the front with a running stitch using red floss.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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