Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Inspiration - Weaving Fabric

I think that probably anyone who likes patchwork quilting is interested in how fabrics can be cut apart and put back together, forming something new.  Since sewing the Autumn Leaf Table Runner, I've been looking at more ways fabric can be deconstructed/reconstructed to form backgrounds. 

A couple of tutorials demonstrate fabric weaving techniques that look intriguing!  Joan Hawley describes how to make a fabric using fusible bias tape - the same technique could be used with strips of cut fabric attached to a fusible interfacing or web.

And this tutorial on Sulky's website shows how to make a random, curved weaving and has photos of several suggested projects you can make with your new fabric.

Dogwood Leaves No. 6, Judy Lundberg

To see some stunning quilts made using fabric weaving techniques, be sure to take a look at the gallery on Judy Lundberg's website!  I love the way she also blends her colors and creates wonderful motion.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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