Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Inspiration - Erin Leigh Carlson's Needle Felting

I've done a little "dabbling" in needle felting and know it's not easy, so when I first saw Erin Leigh Carlson's needle felted work I was impressed!  Especially her birds!  We spend quite a bit of time up at the Oregon farm birdwatching - Charlie is a budding ornithologist.  Just ask her about birds and she'll fill you in on all the interesting facts about various species!  

Erin Leigh Carlson American Goldfinch

Birds of prey are her current specialty and we often watch turkey vultures circling over clearings in the forest.  But our more usual observations are the American Goldfinches, Jays, Dark Eyed Juncos, and other birds that frequent our feeders in the backyard.

Erin Leigh Carlson Blue Jay

Back to Erin's work, her website has a wonderful description of how she creates her pieces and if you get to Pennsylvania, take a look at her exhibition and class schedule here.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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