Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scalloped Crochet Edging

Here's another crochet edging I've come up with - it works well for finishing flannel blankets and would also probably look great on pillowcases!  The fabric is another flannel I picked up at Joann's.

size 10 crochet thread
size 5 steel crochet hook

If you haven't edged a blanket before, see this past post.  After you get the first row around the fabric, start with the instructions.

Row 1:  Single crochet all the way around.  Put three single crochets in each corner stitch.

Row 2:  Chain three, skip one stitch, slip stitch in the following stitch.  Repeat all the way around.  On the corners, make several chain threes without skipping the next stitch to make sure your corner lies flat.

Row 3:  Chain three, slip stitch in the next chain three space from Row 2.  Repeat.  You may need to put extra chain threes in the corners again to keep them lying flat.

Row 4:  Put 5 double crochets in the first chain three space, slip stitch in the following chain three space.  Repeat all the way around.  If you crochet a little on the looser side near the corners you probably won't need to add an extra double crochet group - but if you see your corner's not lying flat, put one in.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Beautiful Deborah! I made patchwork squares with crochet edging into a quilt back in the '70's.

  2. The crochet edges are just beautiful and I love the flannel idea for making blankets and burpy cloths. Thank you!!