Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Inspiration - I Must Have a Healthy Brain!

My brain must be very healthy!  CNN (as part of its Inside Your Brain series) has a very interesting article on what happens inside your brain when you're knitting ... and also quilting, crafting, etc.  As if I needed more justification to spend my days at it!

Here's an excerpt:  "There's promising evidence coming out to support what a lot of crafters have known anecdotally for quite some time," says Catherine Carey Levisay, a clinical neuropsychologist and wife of CEO John Levisay. "And that's that creating -- whether it be through art, music, cooking, quilting, sewing, drawing, photography (or) cake decorating -- is beneficial to us in a number of important ways."  Read the whole article here.

And along those lines, have you seen Karen Norberg's Knitted Brain?  It's on permanent display at the Boston Museum of Science and you can read about it here.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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