Monday, June 24, 2013

A Northwest Weekend

I didn't accomplish much sewing last weekend, but did help make a dent in the pile of Ikea furniture we have waiting to be assembled - we now have a huge number of little allen wrenches!  It rained all day Sunday so yard work was out, but luckily Saturday was one of those gorgeous Northwest summer days that make you wonder why anyone would want to live anywhere else - at least in the summer.  We packed up a picnic dinner and went into Portland for a John Prine concert.  He's one of those people you are shocked by to discover all the songs of his you really do know, but were covered by someone else.  And it was a wonderful concert - one of the best I've been to!

The sundogs (just visible a little in this photo, but brilliant in real life) let us know we should enjoy the weather and that rain was on the way for Sunday.

I did manage to get a little further on my embroidery assignment.  For those of you who wondered, I'm taking Sharon Boggon's Sumptious Surfaces class online.  If you're not familiar with her, you might want to spend some time looking at her beautiful work.  She does a lot of embellished crazy quilting and layered embroidery and also has a very helpful stitch tutorial guide here.

I'm currently working on putting in all my outlines and will then use flat stitches in the open areas to lay the foundation for the layered work that comes next.  I'm outlining the moth in a buttonhole stitch - when you use a buttonhole stitch along curved lines, it's much easier to do if you first sew a running stitch along the lines.

It looks like this week's shaping up to be rainy, so I may actually get more work done on this!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. I miss Portland...... HelgaDeb, in humid, hot Nashville TN.